Fishing:  $70 total for 3 hours per full boat. Please bring your own lures such as.3 to 5 inch spoons and 5 to 7 inch rapalas.

Dug out Canoes: will be happy to organize a rental of a dug out canoe for you to go and explore this beautiful  estuary – about $5 for the whole afternoon or morning, you will deal directly with the owner.

Rooms: US $7 per person per day. There are 3 or 4 bed rooms you can book with friends. Price includes free wireless internet (fair usage policy applies i.e. no big downloads please!).

Food: Many guests have complemented Dona Aleyda on her delicious food and expressed disbelief at how low their bill is when they leave!

Average prices:
Breakfast is $4-5
Lunch and dinner $5-6
(whole fried fish) costs from 150 to 150 Cardobas (about IS $6)
Smoothies from fresh fruit, a gigantic sized glass is about $1.40 US!

Taxi: (orgnanised by us is cheaper):
From Managua Airport: $100 to $110- up to 3 people / $125 to $150  4-12 people (microbus)
From Leon: $50 to $60 total
From Chinandega $20-25 total depending on how many people.