Aserradores is primarily a fishing village. Joe has a lot of experience as a sailor (twice circumnavigated the globe, once solo!) and as a San Diego tuna fisherman he loves and knows how to fish. He is currently involved with the community enforcing a ban on dynamite fishing and helping to implement a local fish farm project. Either Joe or very knowledgeable, local¬† fisherman, Antonio will take you out. This is just a minute’s walk down the road from where you will be staying. You will be mostly trawling so your trip will give you a good understanding of the lay of the land with the estuary, the island and the volcano.

Most common fish in the region is red snapper, mackerel, tuna and if you are lucky, other tasty species such as Dorado!

Joe has ordered a brand spanking new 27 foot panga, with a canapy to keep you cool from the tropical sun, a built in ice chest for the cool drinks, a large lazanha, and rod holders for longer offshore fishing. You can try your luck on your way back from surfing.

Big panga fishing trips with two big reels and poles included ($70 total for 3 hours per full boat). Please bring your own lures such as 3 to 5 inch spoons and 5 to 7 inch rapalas.