Where are you situated?

We are in Aserradores in northern Nicaragua on the Pacific side,near a town named Chinandega. It takes about two and a half hours from Managua airport. The Northern Pacific region borders the Pacific Ocean to the west and Coseguina Volcano, El Salvador and Honduras to the North. To the east is the tallest volcano in the country, San Cristobal.  Leon, the second oldest city in the Americas, is located about an hour and a half away. See map.

What does an airport pick up involve?

Our trusted taxi driver will be waiting for you, close to the Exit door, and will be holding up a poster that say’s Aserradores,  (after you give us your flight details) From 1 to 3 persons, the taxi will cost $100 – $110 total from the airport to Joe’s. For groups of  4 and bigger, there will be a bigger vehicle  which will cost $125 – $150 US Dollars. See rates.

Can I bus from the airport and do it cheaper?

Yes but it’s a mission involving a few connections. From the airport you will take a taxi to the Bus Station called Israel, from there you will take a microbus, to Chinandega,  The taxi from Chinandega to Joe’s costs $20 to25. Bus directions are here.

I am arriving by bus from El Salvador through Honduras. How do I get to your place?

That’s quite easy. You should be able to get off at Chinandega. If not there, then the city of Leon. From there follow the directions on this page.

Do you have internet access?

Yes there is internet at Joe’s and it’s free (fair usage policy applies). But please don’t download large files, movies etc.

What should I bring surfwise?

A rash shirt or two, tropical wax (sticky bumps is good), a ding repair kit and or Solarez, two or more good leashes and 2-3 boards (stuff as many as you can in one big board bag to reduce the costs that the airlines usually charge.) Basically the beach gets very hollow so a tube riding semi gun is a good idea (make sure it’s thickly glassed!), the point and other beaches can be really playful so your standard short board would be good to have and during the rainy season (June to September) there are some bigger swells so one other gun would be well worth bringing to make sure you don’t miss out.

Do you have surfboard rentals?

Not at out place. Some of the local kids rent their boards out, which are not bad but it’s hit or miss if you get one or the one you need. Better to bring your own. If you are a complete beginner, we have some large soft mini mal type boards that cost $10 per day.

Does it rain all the time during rainy season?

No. Typically it rains at times in the morning, but more often later in the afternoon or evening. It’s difficult to predict but there can be long periods of sunshine between the rains.

Can I use US dollars in Nicaragua?

Yes. You can change them almost anywhere for a good rate. You can also take out US dollars from the cash machines.

Our airplane is landing at some crazy time in the morning. Is that ok?

Yes. Don’t worry about any thing, the taxi driver will be there holding the poster with Aserradores on it, and bring you straight to Joe’s if you like.

Is Nicaragua safe?

Believe it or not, yes. According to the Inter-American Institute on Human Rights Nicaragua is by far the safest country in Central America with the Chinandega area being the safest area in Nicaragua. Tourism is on the up and it has been named by Lonely Planet as one of the top 10 countries to visit and is currently attracting a lot of foreign investment. Like anywhere, pay attention in big cities and don’t go wandering around in dangerous areas at night. Where we are located on the coast is a very safe area, on top of that the hotel has three good gaurd dogs.

Do I need to take shots before going to Nicaragua?

Like other Central American countries, Tetanus, Typhoid and Hepatitis A are recommended.

Where can I find a good surf report for Nicaragua?

Magic Seaweed do a pretty good job for this area.